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Welcome to eashura online

Eashura Online is a Massively Multiplayer Game set on the distant planet of Eashua. Players will contribute in exploration and discovery, as they make a their home on this resource rich world.

The planet was discovered 5 years ago by a rogue group Free Citizen Organization (FCO). They have begun to explore, discover and repopulate key areas on the planet. This group seperated themselves from our wartorn planet in search of something free and peaceful. The only thing that stands in their way is the authoritarian group Electorate of Planets (EOP). Who will you help in this battle for control of Eashura.


The Combat Specialist is a master of defensive tactics with a knowledge of all basic Tactical Weapons. They can help a group by protecting them at the front line.


The Free Agent is a master of Tactical Small Arms and Blades. They are very fast and rely on others for protection. They pack a heavy punch when dealing out damage and can be the difference in a fight.

TECHNITION (Docter, Hacker)

Technitions have a basic knowledge of tactical weapons. Their primary ability is aiding others using a massive knowledge of medicine or computers. They are commonly the doctors or hackers of the world.

MINDWALKER (Diplomat, Magic)

Mindwalkers have a special gift of seeing breifly into the future and providing aid based on what they see. They have special magic abilities that have not been fully discovered or explored.